This procedure is intended for all foreign visitors, forwarding agents, external drivers, vendors, business partners, shipping agents etc.

All visitors must have a permit to enter issued by:

  • Port of Rijeka Authority – issues permits for one-day visit, visit up to 5 days, temporary or permanent permit (freight forwarders, shipping agents, suppliers etc.)
  • HSSE AGCT – issues permits exclusively to the visitors which are coming for a one-day visit to the container terminal (permit issued by HSSE AGCT is valid up to 5 days)

For the permit issuance by HSSE AGCT, the copy of ID card must be submitted at least 12 hours before the planned visit, or the form “visitor appointment” must be fulfilled. Incomplete and incorrectly completed forms will not be taken into account. Visitors entering the Terminal with the vehicles must have a vehicle permit issued by the Port of Rijeka Authority.

In order to increase safety on the ‘AGCT’, foreign visitors vehicles if they move around terminal yard must:
  • Be properly labeled with the label from organization that vehicles belong to
  • Must have a rotating yellow light (beacon light) in a visible place (the roof)
  • Strictly comply with traffic signs posted at the terminal
  • In the case that there are no rotating lights, necessary to include all the warning lights (4 flashers)
  • The speed on the terminal is 10 km/ h
  • Terminal equipment (auto cranes, tractors with trailers) must have a right of way
All foreign visitors are required to fully and regardless of the duration of visit observe safety regulations that apply to the terminal:
  • Smoking is prohibited except in areas designated for that
  • The use of reflective clothing (vest) is mandatory
  • It is forbidden to enter the terminal with inadequate footwear; clogs, summer slippers, sports shoes, etc.
  • For the passage to the administration building is necessary to use yellow lines marked on the road
  • To the area where the manipulation of containers takes place,visitors can go only with previous appointment with AGCT HSSE department that will give all necessary instructions and the necessary protective equipment.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact the AGCT HSSE department at: