AGCT (Adriatic Gate Container Terminal) representatives visited KBC Rijeka earlier today to hand over a donation to the Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases and the Department of Interventional Cardiology - two volumetric infusion pumps InfusomatSpace. This medical equipment is used daily in the treatment of heart patients, ensuring continuous or timely delivery of the necessary drugs, blood products and blood transfusions.

AGCT CEO Emmanuel Papagiannakis noted that cardiovascular diseases, especially heart attack and stroke, are the main causes of death in Croatia. Dietary risks, tobacco and alcohol as well as low physical activity are the key risk factors responsible for more than half of all deaths in the country, with Croatia exceeding the EU average. We are trying to raise awareness addressing these risk factors with our employees and at same time supporting with benefits including health insurance and fitness activities.  Would like to thank the dedicated medical staff in Rijeka who provide treatments and better outcomes for those suffering from illness.

We would like to thank AGCT for the donation of infusion pumps to the Department of Interventional Cardiology. The most complex endovascular procedures on the heart and blood vessels are performed in the Cardiac Care Units of our Institute. Life-threatening patients with heart attack or stroke, aortic rupture, patients with severe heart failure or those in shock need to be given more medications and infusions in strictly defined, precise doses, and this donation will enable faster care and better management of these patients. Our institution is a center of excellence in minimally invasive treatment of valvular heart disease and congenital heart defects in children. These are procedures in which the patient is sedated or anesthetized, and requires intensive monitoring and treatment, which will be greatly facilitated with these devices. Thank you once again on behalf of our patients. "- pointed out doc. Dr. sc. Vjekoslav Tomulić, MD, Head of the Department of Interventional Cardiology during donation handover.

We are proud to have the opportunity to support the local medical community in providing care to cardiovascular patients, and to draw attention to the factors that lead to development of these diseases, which each and every one of us can influence by changing lifestyle and taking care of our own health. Regular exercise, a healthier diet, reduced alcohol consumption and no smoking significantly reduce the chances of getting the disease - said the representatives of the AGCT.