Rijeka, November 4th 2014 - Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (AGCT), an ICTSI Group Company has successfully completed the implementation of SAP ERP system based on the Global Template developed by the Global Controllership Group in partnership with Envecon IT Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Envecon). The system was successfully put into operation in the contractually determined deadline of four months with the support of external experts ICE Ltd. from Pazin, Croatia and Envecon from India. System implementation included the following modules: Finance, Controlling, Purchasing, Sales & Distribution, Material Management and Human Resources.


Sales and Distribution is interfaced with AGCT Billing System, Material Management is interfaced with ICAM, and Human Resources module is interfaced with Status HRIS.


AGCT’s strategic development plans relay on the introduction of world's leading software solutions in order to cater for company’s expected growth and continuously foster and strengthen the company with the functionality of selected business solutions.

"Implementation of the selected functionalities within SAP ERP will ensure faster and better business processes, timely control operations and provide the prerequisites for the development of strategic plans of the Company."; said Juliana Štefanić, AGCT’s CFO.


Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Engineering, HRD and of course IT Managers of AGCT were all part of the Project team, together with the support of Project leaders from ICTSI, experts from ICE from Pazin, Croatia (SAP’s partner for more than 10 years) and consultants Envecon from India. This ensured timely execution of all phases of SAP ERP system implementation and secured unhindered quality level of the Company’s operation during all levels of implementation.


Particularity of this implementation is the introduction of SAP’s Sales and Distribution module and its interconnection with the newly redesigned internal IT system of accounting services and connectivity with the existing NAVIS Terminal Operating System (TOS), which has automated and computerized the entire service cycle at AGCT. From service order using the web interface or EDI communications, through manipulation of containers and cargo fully managed and supported by Navis TOS, followed by clearing services at AGCT Billing subsystem and finally automatic booking of business information in other SAP modules, every business action or decisions is covered with the appropriate process within SAP and other integrated IT systems.


Whilst introducing the new system, optimization of a series of business processes was performed, primarily using the experiences of SAP professionals from related industries. One of the main goals achieved is the highly computerized business environment enabling additional flexibility and global availability of AGCT's services, which will enable a positive differentiation from the competing ports.


"We are pleased that with joining the productive system, AGCT will realize and utilize all the functionality of the selected business system, SAP ERP. This is yet another confirmation of our world-class application performance solutions, but also functionality that adapts to the particularities of each user. High-quality partner network that has participated in the implementation process has fully realized customer needs and set goals thanks to their experience and quality performance, providing the user a much-needed competitive advantagesaid Sonja Popovic, Director of SAP Ltd - Croatia