Esteemed clients and customers of AGCT,


Please be informed, in order to speed up customs procedures at the container terminal and thereby to increase the flow of dispatched containers, Customs Office - Port of Rijeka has introduced changes in the structure and organization of work flow by changing the current procedures and the location of the customs services at AGCT.


In accordance with above mentioned, starting from Monday 18th August 2014, Adriatic Gate Container Terminal is starting, in cooperation with Croatian Customs Authorities and the Port of Rijeka Authority with the new regulation of traffic within the container terminal area.


New parking area for trucks is made available near the building at the east gate. This parking space is exclusively reserved for truck drivers who have a need to deal with the customs documentation, the allowed time for parking at this area is limited to max. 15 minutes.


The former parking area, near warehouse Nr 46, x-ray facility and the shed, is reserved for parking of trucks designated for additional customs inspection of containers. Parking of vehicles on that area for any other purpose is not allowed.


The new procedure for pick up of FULL containers in import cycle will be as follows:


1. Upon entering the AGCT, driver is loading container and going to finalize customs documentation with the assistance of freight forwarder or on his own in the building at the new gate! The temporary parking for trucks on the yard above the building, between the fence and RTG cranes is provided, in a way that the middle lane is intended for traffic , while the left (near the RTGs) and right (near the fence) are reserved for parking of trucks. Areas where parking is permitted are marked in green color. In order to facilitate a smooth transit for other vehicles left lane (near the RTGs) is shorter and interrupted at the site of the crossroad with the internal road between the blocks. The drivers are kindly asked to park only if the entire truck fits into the green marked place.


2. Parking is provided only for trucks that handle customs documentation and is of temporary nature, limited to maximum of 15 minutes. Stairs leading to the customs building are provided at two locations, and the 15 minutes time is available to resolve the customs documentation in a way that solved papers (green route) will be given, enabling trucks to proceed towards gate/exit and leave the terminal.


3. In case that customs authorities require additional customs inspection of containers / goods, trucks will be directed towards the shed where custom inspections have currently been performed.


In order to enable the new procedure be applied with minimal impact on the operations and internal traffic of the terminal, truck drivers are kindly asked to comply with the new regulation and traffic directions inside terminal as well as AGCT Rules for truck drivers and visitors, without unnecessary staying on terminal.


Please find enclosed the new AGCT Rules for truck drivers with shorts manual for truck drivers.


In order to improve safety and increase the flow of trucks and goods we are looking forward to your cooperation in the implementation of the AGCT rules.



Your AGCT team,