Dear AGCT customers and clients,


We would like to inform you that in order to further improve customs procedures at the container terminal and increase cargo flow, Adriatic Gate Container Terminal in cooperation with the Croatian Customs and Port of Rijeka Authority will enable start of using the new (eastern) gate for exit of trucks leaving the terminal with effect from 01.10.2014.


Main features of the new regulation:


  1. ENTRANCE to the terminal remains on the existing (old) entrance from the direction of A.K. Miošića
  2. After all the manipulations are finished and (if needed) customs procedures are done, all trucks should proceed the east (new) gate which is directly connected to the D-404 highway (entrance to the Pećine tunnel)
  3. The old gate will no longer be used for exit except in exceptional cases


With this changes input and output functions have been separated, and the route from the temporary customs parking lot to the exit have been separated, which should, together with all other already implemented solutions, result with less crowded peak hours and thus faster shipping.


In order for this and all previously introduced changes to be implemented with minimal impact on the performance and operation of internal terminal traffic, all drivers are kindly requested to adhere to the directions of traffic within the terminal as well as the code of conduct, and not to retain in the terminal unduly.


Enclosed please find the new terminal traffic plan as well as the Regulations and rules of traffic at the container terminal with associated short notice for truck drivers.


In order to improve safety and increase flow of tucks and goods we are hoping for your cooperation in implementation of the new code of conduct for the benefit of us all.


Your AGCT Team